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Existing Item For Tender

Alpine Industries Sdn Bhd (closing 10/12/2014)

Sri Keladi Sdn Bhd (closing 23/9/2014)

Intan Payong Sdn Bhd (closing 7/4/2014)

Korakyat Plantations Sdn Bhd (closing 23/8/2013)

Safety Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (closing 16/8/2013)

Perwira Indra Sakti Sdn Bhd (closing 6/8/2013)

Goh Cheng See Realty Sdn Bhd (closing 1/4/2013)

Desa Mulia Sdn Bhd ( closing 14/01/2013)

Astana Golf Resort Berhad (closing 24/9/2012)

Focus Equity Sdn Bhd (closing 9/8/2012)

Goh Cheng See Realty Sdn Bhd (closing 18/6/2012)

Sri Keladi Sdn Bhd (closing 23/3/2012)

Linafil Industries Sdn Bhd (closing 29/2/2012)

Linafil Spinning Sdn Bhd (closing 29/2/2012)

Mega Sakti Sdn Bhd (closing 20/1/2012)

Darul Pemimpin Sdn Bhd (closing 6/1/2012)

Carmark Automotive Sdn Bhd (closing 12/5/2011)

Carmark Automotive Sdn Bhd (closing 9/3/2011)











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